Club History

Founded on July 6, 1963, by the late Martin Stambaugh and Carol Stambaugh Yost with the club caller John Tucker. Club Callers have been: John Tucker, 1963-1968; Don Kinnear, 1968-1972; Hugh Johnston, 1972-1996: Gary Fesler, 1997 to 2005; Mick Hall; and Brian Fellows. Dancing locations have been: The Alamo, The Pleasant School, The Ohio National Guard Armory in 1968, Marion, Ohio; Jesse’s Auction House, from 1968 to 1970, The Sunny Acres Barn, from 1970 to 2012, Caledonia, Ohio; The Tomorrow Center (The old Edison School), Edison, Ohio; from 2012 to 2015; and The Park Ave. Elementary School, Mount Gilead, Ohio, 2015 to date.
Original Member Carol Stambaugh Yost
Long time dancers, Harold and Mildred Love

Hugh Johnston Special Sunday, June 11, 2006

Hugh Johnston, Caller of Hicks & Chicks 1972 – 1996
The Hugh Johnston Special on July 11, 2006, was a great success with Caller Keith Rippeto and Cuer Charlie Hearn. There were 95 western dancers that enjoyed the afternoon, including several from the Cleveland-Akron area. Hugh Johnston was the Hicks and Chicks Club Caller from 1972 until his death in 1996. Hugh and Helen were the owners of Sunny Acres Farm where the Hicks and Chicks still dance. The farm now belongs to his family who were also in attendance Sunday afternoon, and talked with others about Hugh and Helen. Remember the “Fire Drill” call, it was used several times that afternoon. One of Hugh’s favorite sayings “Square dancing is a contact sport”. (Pictures and story posted July 2006.)
Hugh and Helen’s daughters and their husbands,
with Caller Keith Rippeto and Cuer Charlie Hearn

Sunny Acres Barn Dance Location from 1970 – 2012

Sunny Acres Barn
Sunny Acres Entrance Sign
Wall Decoration
Wall Decoration
Wall Decoration

The Tomorrow Center (Old Edison School) Dance Location from 2012 – 2015

The Tomorrow Center (Old Edison School) — 2012 to June 2015
The Tomorrow Center (Old Edison School) — 2012 to June 2015

Clubs Member Circa 1980

Hicks and Chicks Class (circa 1980)